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Ffrk Altema. A fully upgraded set of hero relics is very powerful. Regarding altema and tier lists:

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The latest tweets from @ffrk_altema This project contains the code for tooling and services related to the final fantasy record keeper mobile game. I feel that this current list is the most accurate iteration of the list, so i wanted to share it with you.

This Project Contains The Code For Tooling And Services Related To The Final Fantasy Record Keeper Mobile Game.

Further note that these ratings assume the character is equipped with all their important relics as of the current day japan. In order, glint+1, usb1, aasb1 x 2 + ha. Regarding altema and tier lists:

The Latest Tweets From @Ffrk_Altema

Tyro gives 1 soul charge to aerith, 2 soul charge to cloud, later he would use glint and usb1.in order, usb3 (shield + haste), usb1 (to avoid paralyze), glint1 (healing according to the situation), aasb1 (used around when near 50. A fully upgraded set of hero relics is very powerful. In addition, there are two more relics that need to be considered.

They Can Be Used Outside Of Labyrinth Dungeons As Well.

It gives the same benefits of artifacts and wodin accessories with even better stats and more benefits like damage reduction barriers, extra soul break charge, instacast 1, etc. Cloud wasn't getting any extra aasbs and no syncs, so his wind aasb is x 2. The latest tweets from @ffrk_altema

I Feel That This Current List Is The Most Accurate Iteration Of The List, So I Wanted To Share It With You.

Remember, the list is drawn from altema today (6/17/2018) and reflects what players of ffrk japan think right now about their game.

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